• Bin talk
    IT’S ok for normal people who just like Strictly Come Dancing and a bit of football at the weekend but if, like some institutionalised local journalist, you follow Camden’s political groups and activists on Twitter then Saturday is a day for staying away from your phone and computer. If you do, then without fail you will see a reel of grinning group shots and a message or two about the great response our local Labour and Conservative politicians have had on the doorstep or at a [READ ON]
  • Sadiq Khan

    Sadiq, the gifted Mayor of London

    October 14, 2016 // 0 Comments

    A FEW of the nationals in recent weeks have been providing a bit of commentary on Sadiq Khan’s flashbulb approach to being Mayor, mainly because he once said: “For the last eight years you’ve seen a red carpet mayor, somebody who is fantastic going to openings, great with a flute of champagne in his hands. I’d rather roll up my sleeves and fight for all Londoners.” As readers of the Peeps column in the New Journal were aware weeks ago, red carpet nights out have been foisted [READ ON]
  • Illtyd Harrington cutout
    I THOUGHT again of Illtyd Harrington, the New Journal‘s former literary editor and columnist, last week, a year having hurtled by since he sadly passed away, almost a year since we sat and stood in a chapel in Brighton listening to some golden tributes and then Josef Locke’s rousing Blaze Away, a final laugh selected by the man himself before he was cremated. He has left a hole at our newspaper that it is hopeless to try and fill. I wonder what his ‘As I Please’ columns would have [READ ON]
  • Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 17.34.40
    SO, as reported in on the CNJ’s website on Sunday, Tulip Siddiq has accepted work with Jeremy Corbyn. It’s hard to see how she could’ve gone full Copley, joined the resistance and refused to take a role, given a large share of her constituency members expect her to get stuck in now another Labour leadership is over. She had always pledged to unite behind whoever won it, and it’s hard to rail against the ills of the world and complain about the Conservative government as loudly as [READ ON]
  • jones
    OWEN Jones was given a hero’s welcome last week as he joined Labour campaigners in Kilburn to make sure everybody knows, if they didn’t already, that the party is against grammar schools. An ecstatic fanclub gathered around a big banner and placed him in the middle with Tulip Siddiq for the pictures. Not then perhaps the best time for former Liberal Democrat councillor Nick Russell to pop out to the shops. The expression on his face in this behind the camera snap, as he realises [READ ON]
  • Sarah Hayward
    ALTHOUGH it may already seem a long time ago now – we’ve had a mayoral election, an EU referendum, a Labour leadership contest to work out – it’s only five months since Sarah Hayward’s grip on the Town Hall was challenged from within. As Jeremy Corbyn did after her on a national level, Sarah was eventually retained as leader of the Labour group and Camden Council in May with around 60 percent support. Fifteen Labour councillors voted for a change in the private ballot, but the [READ ON]
  • Jonny Bucknell

    Birmingham ’16: Groundhog Day

    October 5, 2016 // 1 Comment

    IF there is anybody out there who isn’t aware that Conservative councillor Jonny Bucknell sleeps in his car during conference week, rather than shell out money on an expensive hotel, whereyabin? Seriously. We might as well all go home. So it was that in the Jury’s Inn bar in Birmingham last night, he was heckled by his own party colleagues for flogging the deadest of horses and spinning the same old yarn again and again, after appearing in the Evening Standard last night yet again [READ ON]

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  • Keir Starmer Calais

    A second rate Brexit debate

    October 11, 2016 // 1 Comment

    YOU’LL have seen what happened in the Commons last night as Iain Duncan Smith replied to Keir Starmer’s call for a parliamentary vote on the terms of [READ ON]

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