• AFTER the last general election we took a look at how those who had gone further afield in search of a parliamentary seat had fared at the ballot box. It’s worth doing again for this election, as over the years it has become pretty standard business for councillors and activists to gravitate towards parliament. The House of Commons is stuffed with people who passed through Camden on their way to Westminster. So while we know what happened in Hampstead and Kilburn and Holborn and St [READ ON]
  • Camden School for Girls declares

    June 12, 2017 // 0 Comments

    NO prizes for guessing which party emerged as the victors when Camden School for Girls in Camden Town staged a mock general election on polling day last week. The result suggests reducing the voting age to 16 here would simply lead to Labour piling on more votes in the real thing, as students from council leader Georgia Gould’s old school gave her party a landslide win in the assembly hall. Intriguingly enough, ten students at the famous school, whose alumni also includes Emma Thompson, [READ ON]
  • YOU can take your pick for tweets, quotes and newspaper headlines which don’t look like they may age so well after Thursday’s general election results in north London. Our own page two headline last week rating Hampstead and Kilburn as being ‘neck and neck’ looks uninformed now Tulip Siddiq holds a majority almost as large as the one Keir Starmer went into battle with in rock solid Holborn and St Pancras. But the clipping which is being sent to the framers by the local [READ ON]
  • Election night at the Camden New Journa

    June 10, 2017 // 0 Comments

    Pic: The Secret Artist @SecretartistNW5 BEFORE we look more at the why, what, where, when about this election, for there probably needs to be a lot of that, I’ve got to say thanks to a few people. Tulip Siddiq mentioned the reporting I’ve done over the recent general elections during her victory speech, but that’s not the CNJ way… because what I do only comes about because of what we do – and that means all the reporters, the production team, the sales department [READ ON]
  • #CherSweatshirtsAtPollingStations

    June 8, 2017 // 1 Comment

    ELECTION outfit of the day? Tom Copley, the Labour London Assembly member once of this parish, who went out campaigning with Karen Buck in Westminster North earlier in a Cher sweater. The first clean thing available in the wardrobe? No, he’d been planning it for weeks, having tweeted this back on 26 May! Coppers and Karen apparently both share a love Turn Back [READ ON]
  • A TORY wraparound ad covering last week’s Ham and High newspaper (and web ads on both the CNJ and Ham and High websites) will not come out of the local Conservative campaign spending budget. The cost of taking over the front page of a newspaper with a picture of Theresa May would’ve made a big dent in the £13k spending cap on local campaigns, but the Conservative campaign sources say that because the ads did not mention Hampstead and Kilburn candidate Claire-Louise Leyland by name, the [READ ON]
  • GET well soon to Liberal Democrat councillor Flick Rea, who was treated in the Royal Free Hospital yesterday for a broken arm after tripping over in West Hampstead while out on the campaign trail. It means for the first time in forever she won’t be at the election count tomorrow night. She stumbled over something on the ground in West End Lane and hit a lamppost as she fell. Luckily enough, a good Samaritan was passing by and was quick to help. When Flick looked up, it turned out to be [READ ON]

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