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    YOU may think the Labour Party has been a toxic, mean and hateful place in recent weeks amid the polarised opinions over who should be in charge, but this evening I give you a story from within its local ranks of romance, love and… unity. For as members in Liverpool were today digesting the scale of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership victory today, one sweaty-palmed, nervous man up on Merseyside for the conference had something else on his mind. Yup. Oliver Denton, the tall, food blog guy [READ ON]
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      ALMOST like clockwork, and in a similarly mechanical way to which they had all tweeted similar messages of resignation a few months ago, there’s been a sort of copy-and-paste reaction from Labour MPs today to Jeremy Corbyn’s emphatic victory in the party’s second leadership contest in as many years. One by one, the line is: Congrats – and now let’s have unity. How comradely, with a notably asbence, for now, of that threatening talk of ‘vote Corbyn, and [READ ON]
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    AS the only Liberal Democrat to be leader of Camden Council, Keith Moffitt gets his own page in the political history of the borough. But, while he is still intending to be heavily involved in local campaigns and a figure in uniting those who want Britain to stay in the European Union, he confirmed at conference that he is not planning to try and win a council seat back at the next Town Hall elections, now less than two years away. Keith, pictured with Councillor Flick Rea and former mayor Jill [READ ON]
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    OVER at City Hall this morning, Met Police chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe was asked what he would like to see introduced to make car chases safer. He answered by saying a device could be invented to make it possible for pursuing police to slow down the car in front, electronically. It sounds far-fetched, he admitted to London Assembly members, but added – now channeling the script writers who came up with Knight Rider – that it could happen because ‘cars now have more of an [READ ON]
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    How Andrew Mennear got his big sock

    September 22, 2016 // 0 Comments

    YOU know when you are watching Match Of The Day and you don’t want to miss a goal but the doorbell goes and you have to run to the door and as you are racing down the stairs to answer it you slip and smash your leg up? No, just Councillor Andrew Mennear, then. The long-serving Tory came up with this curious answer after being asked why he was hopping around with his leg was in a medical sock at Monday’s full council meeting. There’s nagging question: He’s a Newcastle United fan, whose [READ ON]
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    THE council which held a minute of silence for Nelson Mandela months before he actually died forgot about somebody closer to home last night. Due to a cock-up rather than an anti-Corbyn conspiracy (let’s no go there), Gloria Lazenby became the first former mayor to pass away and not be given a tribute at the following full council meeting. The mistake now realised, this is apparently to be rectified in November, when some five months will have passed since her death. Maybe this unwitting [READ ON]
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    A SHIVER ran down the spine for the one or two hacks listening in at a  Lib Dem conference fringe meeting on the advance of technology in political campaigning here in Brighton this morning. While Paddy Ashdown could be found railing about being the first MP to use a computer at the Commons only to find himself now in a party faring worse at the ‘new technologies’ than the Greens, UKIP and Momentum (Labour are regularly being given that label at this conference), Mark Pack, the Lib [READ ON]

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More posts

  • Tulip Siddiq
    THE leak of a report containing those long-awaited proposed boundary changes has led to the headline-grabbing story that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s Islington North [READ ON]
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    Kirby ungripped

    September 12, 2016 // 0 Comments

    ROLLS Royce has proved more attractive to Simon Kirby than HS2; the chief executive of a rail project hated in many quarters of Camden departed his £750,000-a-year job as on [READ ON]
  • phillewis

    The curious Compliance Unit

    September 9, 2016 // 3 Comments

    It’s true that in this horridly-fought leadership contest, where people supposedly in the same party seem to have utter contempt for each other, the term “Blarite” has been a lazy catch-all code for anybody who can’t see a future with Jeremy Corbyn; it's also used in attempt to stop Smith supporters using crisper, forward-looking labels like “moderniser” for themselves. But in reply, anybody who half agrees that renationalising the railways has been branded a “Trot” by those whose dislike for Corbyn seems in danger of being upgraded to a paranoid hatred. [READ ON]
  • BMX park

    The BMX battle in Harrington Square

    September 6, 2016 // 1 Comment

    LABOUR councillor Awale Olad has had his work cut out as chair of Camden’s culture and environment scrutiny committee in recent months with many of the more [READ ON]
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    What we did on our summer holidays

    September 5, 2016 // 0 Comments

    SO it’s time to get serious, the first week back at school after the summer holidays. It’s September, the evenings will soon be drawing in, councillors will be [READ ON]
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    THERE was a bit of an all stand-down moment, locally, when Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership contest last summer. For those north London Labour figures who hold a keen [READ ON]
  • Sadiq Khan
    YOU may have heard the joke doing the rounds: How do you get thousands of people to turn up to an Owen Smith rally? Tell them Jeremy Corbyn is going to be there. The response from Corbyn's opponents is usually a 1980s picture of Michael Foot in front of a crowd with a sarcastic comment about the packed out assembly halls which lined his path to government. This has been one of the milder exchanges between two sides of the same party over these last few weeks. But what of these large rallies like the one at the old Gaumont State Cinema on the Kilburn High Road on Sunday evening? [READ ON]
  • Theo Blackwell in his Billy Bragg comrade cap
    LABOUR Party members in Gospel Oak are today receiving a personal message urging them to vote for Owen Smith from one of their ward councillors. Theo Blackwell, the [READ ON]

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