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    THERE was a bit of an all stand-down moment, locally, when Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership contest last summer. For those north London Labour figures who hold a keen admiration for his rock solid parliamentary majority in Islington North, there had, until then, been an almost audible wondering aloud about whether Corbyn, who will be over 70 at the next timetabled general election, was thinking this would be his last term in the Commons. If there had been plans to follow fellow [READ ON]
  • Sadiq Khan
    YOU may have heard the joke doing the rounds: How do you get thousands of people to turn up to an Owen Smith rally? Tell them Jeremy Corbyn is going to be there. The response from Corbyn's opponents is usually a 1980s picture of Michael Foot in front of a crowd with a sarcastic comment about the packed out assembly halls which lined his path to government. This has been one of the milder exchanges between two sides of the same party over these last few weeks. But what of these large rallies like the one at the old Gaumont State Cinema on the Kilburn High Road on Sunday evening? [READ ON]
  • Meric Apak

    The £200 million bin deal headache

    August 22, 2016 // 0 Comments

    IT is often said backstage that Meric Apak wanted the housing portfolio when he was elevated to Camden’s cabinet last May, but the decision didn’t lie with him and council leader Sarah Hayward handed him the environment brief instead. Which means this newbie to the executive found himself dealing with, among other things, public toilets and bins, two services often cited by residents as what they think their council tax really pays for. So there by the grace of God will go Meric over [READ ON]
  • tulipp
    HAMPSTEAD and Kilburn Tulip Siddiq, who has been mildly goaded about her apparent non-committal stance on this summer’s Labour leadership contest, popped up on Radio 4’s World At One this afternoon and explained that she was “leaning towards” supporting Owen Smith over Jeremy Corbyn. She told Martha Kearney that it was “absurd” to blame Corbyn for the Brexit vote in June’s EU referendum, but added: “The truth is if you can’t command a [READ ON]
  • Fletcher
    SUBSCRIBERS will be well-versed in the spat between Labour Party member Neil Fletcher and the council leadership which led to threats of disciplinary action last year. Disagreements over development decisions in West Hampstead eventually led to a stand-off over his use of the word ‘quisling’ in the local press while referring to senior Labour councillors at the Town Hall. As it escalated he refused to apologised, insisting the word was now in common use to describe weak-willed [READ ON]
  • Jeremy Corbyn

    A voice from the streets, or cult art?

    August 15, 2016 // 1 Comment

    A COUPLE of months ago (and before she became PM),  a giant street art image of Theresa May peering over the wall could be seen in Stucley Place in Camden Town. She was later replaced with a mural of some kissing goldfish. Now the backstreet behind Camden High Street has seen a new political paint job, with Jeremy Corbyn – or ‘JC, the people’s champ’ – sprayed on the wall. A voice from the streets, say the Labour leader’s supporters. Proof he’s at the [READ ON]
  • Jeremy Corbyn
    IT’S not like the old days, there’s no need to get a glass and cup it against the wall to hear what’s happening at Labour’s members meetings. Updates from inside St Pancras Church were being supplied on a sort of live-tweeting basis by council leader Sarah Hayward and several others, as members debated who should be nominated by the Holborn and St Pancras Constituency Labour Party (CLP) this evening. It makes life easier for us guys trying to find out what happens when [READ ON]

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