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    SUPPORTERS of Jeremy Corbyn in Hampstead and Kilburn were warned by their own Labour Party colleagues that retaining him as the party’s leader could lead to the loss of the parliamentary seat here, should the Conservatives call a quick general election and achieve a landslide win. But the doom-laden predictions were roundly dismissed, as members of the constituency Labour Party met last night and rather emphatically voted to nominated him to win this summer’s leadership contest [READ ON]
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    Leafletwatch: Corbyn or Smith?

    July 26, 2016 // 0 Comments

    THIS one is not quite a leafletwatch contender, but times have changed and this blog’s occasional leafletwatch feature may soon have to become emailwatch as print more regularly turns to pixel in election campaigning. What we have tonight are claims of a cunning bit of marketing from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership campaign, with a few Owen Smith-supporting members irritated by its latest email. Both candidates have been allowed to send out an email from a party-sponsored address. [READ ON]
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    THE threat of a split – or to use the buzzier term, ‘an existential crisis’ – hangs over the Labour Party’s leadership contest. This has been translated as gun talk by some Corbyn supporters, who feel they are being told that whichever way it falls, they can’t have their man in charge: He is either voted out, or the party dissolves in two and he can be the leader of a party with only 40 MPs. So the What If Corbyn Wins question is what really looms over the [READ ON]
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    LILIAN Greenwood offers up the text of her speech to her local constituency party membership in Nottingham South in which she asks for understanding over her decision to resign from Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow team at Westminster. It seems like the polite thing to do in an era when resignation letters are filed to Twitter. She was the shadow transport secretary, which obviously put her on a little bit of a collision course with Labour members in Camden, many of whom want the party to end its [READ ON]
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    WITH Theresa May heading to Number 10, the Conservatives continue to recall the time they passed her over for the far less attractive role of standing for the party in Holborn and St Pancras against perennial Labour winner Frank Dobson. Everybody seems to have a different version of it, even disagreeing over what year it was. Some say 1987, some say 1992. The pulped Wauchope book on the history of Camden’s politics doesn’t even mention it. One long-server says May simply [READ ON]
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    IT was only twelve months ago that we posed the question over whether the Tories could, or perhaps should, have won back the Hampstead and Kilburn constituency at last May’s general election, given the polls-defying success the party had elsewhere in the country. As energetic as Tulip Siddiq’s victorious campaign was for Labour, the margin of her majority was not so emphatic that it could definitively answer the question: what if the Conservatives had gone full kitchen sink? [READ ON]
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    HE was considered a legend in Islington with crowds of fans wanting to shake his hand, but is now accused of outstaying his welcome as he faces a backlash from supporters of his own team. But that’s enough about Arsène Wenger/Jeremy Corbyn… etc, etc Almost trending on social media, see the evidence below, the switcharoos around the Arsenal manager and the Labour Party leader just keep coming. Everybody who tweets it thinks they’ve thought of it first, and on it goes. [READ ON]

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    Pokemon No for Camden Council

    July 21, 2016 // 0 Comments

    IT’S time to feel a little sorry for local authority press offices, who around the country are having to deal with local reporters desperately trying to crowbar the [READ ON]
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