• EVERY sitting Labour councillor in Camden who wants to stand again at May’s council elections has so far avoided a members vote on their candidacy. The new autos system essentially allows them to sail onto the ballot paper without too much fuss. A new system introduced by the party across the country, the autos mean each ward has an initial ballot on whether the incumbents should be automatically reselected. Despite all the plot and rumour that decorates local politics, most card-carriers [READ ON]
  • Greens to sit out Gospel Oak by-election

    October 17, 2017 // 2 Comments

    ELECTION fatigue and an unwanted distraction, or the most public admission that they have no chance of winning? The Greens, who in recent years have rarely allowed a local election to pass without a candidate on the ballot paper, have decided not to contest the upcoming council by-election in Gospel Oak on November 9. Whoever wins will have to face another public vote next May, of course, due to the late, late nature of Theo Blackwell’s resignation in the four year election cycle. While [READ ON]
  • Bucknell v Moggmentum

    October 3, 2017 // 1 Comment

    JONNY Bucknell again, who by the way is still saying out loud that he’s only ’51 percent Conservative (and 49 percent Labour)’ despite being at the Tory party conference here in Manchester. Last night, Camden’s most eccentric councillor could be found buttonholing Jacob Rees-Mogg, demanding assurances that he was not undermining the party by lining up a run for the leadership. Of course not, JRM told him several times, smiling as if the thought had never crossed [READ ON]
  • Top photobombing!

    October 2, 2017 // 1 Comment

    AS Laura Kuenssberg gave us a spin of the Conservative conference centre in Manchester last night, who should be lurking in the background? It’s Gio Spinella asking party agent D-Dog Douglas and fellow Camden councillor Leila Roy whether they know anywhere in the city centre serving a macaroni burger. Big photobombing points for [READ ON]
  • Captain Abdul beaten by CNJ

    October 2, 2017 // 0 Comments

    ABDUL Hai has been briefly whispered about as a future leader of the council in the past, although living in south London and working for a major developer makes that prospect unlikely. He’s also in need of some management skills training, on the basis of Friday night’s handling of Camden Labour’s football team at least. Taking over the reins from dropped captain Awale Olad, Abdul wore the armband in the Tom Foot Testimonial but fared no better than his predecessor. Some [READ ON]
  • MEMBERS and delegates here in Brighton will tell you they are all here in the spirit of unity to talk about the apparent one last heave needed to get Labour back into power. You can easily spot the difference in their starting points, however, when they either talk warmly about Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership, or how it the real star of the election was the manifesto. The divisions, which are being characterised pretty openly as a straight punch-up between Momentum (the group which helped [READ ON]
  • KEIR Starmer is due on the conference stage in Brighton very soon for his big EU speech with delegates warned that they should get there early if they want to witness the former director of public prosecutions in action. Back in Camden where he’s Keir, there and everywhere, hearing him speak on Brexit again may not sound like such a big ticket event, but at conference he’s a sell out name. Don’t doubt the swell among the membership who dream of him becoming the leader of the [READ ON]

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  • Down to Brighton, up to Manchester

    October 16, 2017 // 1 Comment

    FLASHBACK post, but I’ve been busy and conference season was an intriguing couple of weeks which shouldn’t go unrecorded. Intriguing because both in Brighton and [READ ON]

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