This week Nic Careem meets.. Obama

COULDN’T resist making sure a few diary notes about Nic Careem’s defection to the Conservative Party went into the New Journal after I went to their Manchester conference last week. There I was standing talking to a hotel bar full of Tories and up popped Nic, the man I had always recognised from my time on the paper as an organiser in Camden’s Labour Party.

He had a chuckle with me about my piece afterwards so I don’t think any bridges have been burned.

Always fond of a story or two, Nic, from Kentish Town, told me about how he spent a few “wilderness” months when he wasn’t a member of any party at all before being persuaded to join the Conservatives by David Cameron himself. A smooth talker, he speaks so fast sometimes you wonder if he is trying to sell you snake oil at an extortionate price, but I came away with a foggy recollection from the Midland Hotel that night of some outrageous claim that he had even met Barack Obama.

An audience with the President? Surely not, I thought. Then I found this grainy clip on You Tube, inexplicably¬†only given a ‘two star’ rating by viewers. It’s a brief coming together but he’s right, he did meet him. I just wish I could hear what the top man was saying.

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