Too much bang for your buck


Shush it

DOESN’T look like Hampstead MP Glenda Jackson is looking forward too much to Guy Fawkes Night next month. A quick scan of the Early Day Motions at the House of Commons shows she is concerned about the loud bangs all the fireworks make.

Glenda has signed an EDM from Rochdale MP Paul Rowen calling for the legal 120 decibel sound limit on fireworks to be cut, comparing the loudest to the sound of a jumbo jet taking off. If she is looking for refuge, she could of course just hang out in Camden.

The borough after all hasn’t had a publicly organised fireworks display for the November 5 celebrations since the popular shows that once lit up the night sky in Primrose Hill were stopped about seven years ago. ‘It was a victim of its own success’, disappointed fans of the display were told by the council. Too much like hard work thought cynics.

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