Exclusive: Meet me outside Bazalgette Tube Station?



Bazelgette, the original

Bazalgette, the original

SOME folk reckon Archway station should be rebranded simply as ‘Whittington’ after Dick W, London’s fabled first Mayor. After all it was on Highgate Hill, near the station, where he is said to have heard the Bow bells urging him to turn again and the rest, of course, is all panto.

It’s a warm tale and Archway station could do with a glam new look. Maybe there could be more Dick Whittington cat statues around there or something, maybe some sort of crazy paving effect to make us all think Junction Road is somehow laced with gold – rather than chewing gum glob. The name change campaign from a local resident inspired me to fire in a quick Freedom of Information Request to see what other applications had been made to TfL to change names of station in the last five years.

It came back today. The table is below: on the left you see the name of the station subject to a request for a change of name, on the right the actual suggestion. You will see that the Wellcome Trust in Euston seem to have at some stage wanted to push its way onto the Tube map by adding its name to Euston Square underground station. Similarly, somebody pushing the Westfield shopping centre across town wanted hold of Shepherd’s Bush Empire tube. Don’t hold your breath though, TfL told me that it costs too much to change all the signs and maps across the network for minor changes to be implemented. It’s not an unreasonable argument.

The most of imaginative but sadly most-unlikely-to-ever-happen suggestion was made for Embankment station. Somebody – the names of the suggesters are not revealed in the papers sent to me today – wanted it to be given the name ‘Bazalgette’. Was this an attempt to honour Peter Bazalgette, the media company director who sold Big Brother to the UK and who once described by The Independent as ‘the most influential man in television’? Unlikely. More worthy of the honour is Bazalgette’s great-great-grandfather, Sir Joseph, who helped create London’s first sewer system down by the river in the 19th century.

Tottenham Court Road                                     St Giles Circus

Euston Square                       Euston Square (Wellcome Trust)

Charing Cross                                               Trafalgar Square

Embankment                                              Bazalgette Station

Archway                                                               Whittington

Edgware Road                                        Edgware Road Market

Aldgate East                                                           Brick Lane

Surrey Quays                                                      Surrey Docks

Shepherds Bush Station                                             Westfield

Arsenal                                                             Gillespie Road

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  1. Given Archway’s going to be closed every weekend for several months (over Christmas), I don’t think it matters what you call it for now. I’ll call it a bloody nuisance and given TFL can keep Camden Town open whilst upgrading, why not Archway too?

  2. Albert Shanker // October 21, 2009 at 4:33 pm //

    Terrible news Cllr. Graves, I suggest you hop on the 393 bus to get from your home in Islington back to your Camden council ward in Belsize over the festive period!

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