Spotted: Frazz


Doing the horoscopes

HEY, who’s that in the Islington Gazette’s ‘People’s Panel’ column? It looks like Frazz.. you know from the Junior Gazette. The one in Press Gang, the ITV drama about kids running a newspaper all by themselves. The perfect inspiration for anybody wanting to be a reporter, they don’t make children’s programmes like it any more.

Sure enough, check the name tag. Vox-popped in Islington, it’s the legendary Mmoloki Chrystie who played Frazer ‘Frazz’ Davis in Press Gang alongside Dexter Fletcher and Julia Sawalha, and appeared in Grange Hill as well. No mention of his previous life in some of the best kids TV shows ever made here, you find him here talking some common sense about parenting. Described as a 40 year-old film education project worker, I think he’s quite modest about it all.


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