Easyjet: ‘We’re not sponsoring new Spurs stadium’


Emirates Lite?

ANOTHER post about something that happened on Twitter – but a funny one. There was me bantering on about whether Tottenham Hotspur’s new ground might be sponsored by budget airline Easyjet and – what happens? – the customer care team at Team Stelios tweet right back to tell me: Not likely, we sponsor Luton Town! If only people at airport check-ins were that efficient.

I guess it was a tired joke: Arsenal sold their naming rights for a new stadium to a high class airline in Fly Emirates, so the joke goes that Spurs, being less successful, anaemic neighbours, would sign up to something a little bit more cheapo.

Ok, it’s a very tired joke. But, it’s smart to see Easyjet combing the Twitter feeds to officially put the record straight. Tottenham this week released some more artists impressions for their new ground and have asked Haringey Council for permission to get started on it. It’s got floodlights and everything. And on the stadium roof in these drawings are the simply words ‘Naming Rights’, left as a blatant come on to would-be sponsors. Just count Easyjet out, as their tweeting team told me today: ‘Don’t think it will be us, as we sponsor Luton Town. Have a good day.’ I’m sure they will be better off with the Hatters.

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