The cost of loving Camden: part II

REMEMBER last week the prediction that Labour councillor Penny Abraham stood no chance of finding out how much tax-payer cash was handed over to Giles Coren to launch the much-maligned ‘Love Camden’ guide to the borough – even though she was asking the question at a full council meeting.

Well, tonight at the Town Hall, Lib Dem finance chief Ralph Scott confirmed the information, regardless of the fact it’s about the spending of public money, will stay locked in council files, with this  response:

“On the question of Mr Coren, the amount paid to any individual for services provided to the council is personal information relating to them and it would therefore not be appropriate for the council to disclose this. I would however like to reassure all councillors that any such payments are considered carefully to ensure that they represent good value for taxpayers’ money.”

Without seeing the figures, you’ll just have to take Ralph’s word on that ‘good value’. It might be public money but the message seems clear: No other scrutiny allowed. Even from elected councillors.

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