Headingley heroine

I was in Leeds this weekend reporting on the lengthy bin strikes for the Independent on Sunday. You can almost smell Headingley, a largely studenty district, from the city centre station. A patched up, strike breaking substitute service has finally cleansed lots of the city after two months of walkout but this neighbourhood seems to have been forgotten.

While a lot of students would rather play Playstation than bag up the mess outside their back door – even though the pile of refuse is truly revolting, a heap where maggots and used sanitary towels mix – mention is due to Jess Johnson. We bumped into her yesterday virtually clearing up her whole street’s refuse, while some of her undergraduate neighbours hid behind closed doors groaning about vodka hangovers.

Jess, a music student in her final year, was happy the issue would be getting national coverage in the hope it might get the collections restarted again. When she is not mopping up pumpkin pulp and collecting empty beer cans from studentshood, she has a singing songwriting career to be getting on with. This is her website: http://www.myspace.com/jessjohnsonmuzic. Somebody who cares about where she lives  and, by the sounds of the tracks uploaded here, a good  singer too, good luck to her.

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