Bea OBE makes it four


Bea Campbell

THE Green Party might have expected to have made a bigger splash in the papers last week over new candidate Beatrix Campbell, whose lengthy CV includes a zillion articles for national newspapers and appearances on prime time television debates. They had to make do with a page lead in the CNJ and a few scraps elsewhere.

In fact, the only place in the national press I spotted mention of her unveiling as the party’s candidate for the parliamentary seat in Hampstead and Kilburn last week was a snipey diary piece in the Sunday Times which once again reminded Campbell, who is said to have described herself as a ‘feminist communist, of her decision to accept an OBE from the Queen and the aching newspaper column she wrote to defend it.

Her inclusion in the battle for this  fascinating constituency, where Labour’s Glenda Jackson is desperately trying to hold off the twin threat of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, nevertheless adds further spice and intrigue. One of the counts that the cameras will be firmly peeled on come election night, Campbell may not stand much chance of winning overall in Hampstead but she certainly has the insight and intellect  to make a dent on the voting intentions here.

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