‘Most commendations’


George Monbiot

WITH gloomy predictions about the future of the regional press still swirling, George Monbiot suggested in his Guardian column on Tuesday that the quality of local newspapers was so shy of proper, investigative journalism that the predicted demise of a raft of titles was not much to mourn. Don’t worry – it doesn’t look like he meant the Camden New Journal.

To emphasise that exception, I couldn’t let the day pass without mentioning his follow up article on the Guardian’s website today in which he said readers of his column had wrote in to defend the locals which are still holding their local institutions and organisations to account. Like the CNJ.

In fact, says George in his comments today, the example of the New Journal was sent to him more than any other. Here’s the link.. but if you are too lazy to click away, here’s the bit about the paper:

‘The paper that has received the most commendations is the Camden New Journal. Here’s one example: “They do an excellent job of challenging poor governance and opportunistic corporate interests. They carry out a lot of investigative journalism — for instance they helped defeat a proposal to transfer the entire council housing stock in Camden over to an ALMO against the wishes of the majority of tenants.’

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