Mogadishu, NW1: You couldn’t make it up… could you?

HAS Spurs supporting columnist Richard Littlejohn been to Mogadishu? Has he been to Somers Town for that matter? I only ask after seeing his latest in the Daily Mail:

Here’s the passage that readers in Camden might be puzzled by:

“With the Somers Town estate behind Euston Station now resembling a suburb of Mogadishu, I suppose it should come as no surprise to learn that a Somali family is living free in a £1.8 million house in Westminster.”

Somers Town isn’t in Westminster. It’s not really behind Euston station either, better described as being located behind King’s Cross. And if you take a walk behind either station, I doubt there are too many comparisons to be drawn with Mogadishu, the capital of a country crippled by civil war and devastation.

To get a clearer picture of what Somalia really looks like and the history of that struggling nation, a good starting point for Littlejohn would be to check out journalist Jamie Welham’s report from the country, published in the New Journal earlier this year. There aren’t many national papers, let alone locals, that have printed something direct from Africa which has been guided by such insightful first hand experience.

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