Chada: Not the new Alan Milburn

OUR friends at the Northern Echo report bad news for Raj Chada. He won’t be representing Labour in Darlington at next year’s general election. The town’s selecting committee decided on Saturday to hand the chance, a decent bet for a Labour hold, to local favourite Jenny Chapman.

Remember the Echo came over a little League Of Gentleman up there when Raj threw his hat into the ring and insisted it was a local job for local people.. i.e. not the sports car driving lawyer from down that London way.. He would probably actually have done them a decent job if they had picked him for Alan Milburn’s current constituency.

Yet maybe the former leader of Camden Council  didn’t want the job deep down, his efforts to land the selection were at best half-hearted. As I understand it, he wasn’t dashing up to Teeside every other day. Don’t be fooled, though, he is regarded as MP material by colleagues, he’ll almost certainly get to Parliament one day if he wants to.

The Darlington exercise smacked of simply scouting around, seeing what’s on and telling Labour HQ he’s up and interested, even if it means sitting on opposition benches for half a decade or more. And, who knows, in years to come he might be a Labour MP for somewhere much closer to home.

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  1. Just to let you know Richard, Raj Chada never made the final shortlist of four. He received nominations but was one of two such candidates who didn’t make the final shortlist.

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