What to get the politicians who have everything?

A Vancouver Canucks jacket, not necessarily the same as the one given to Boris

BACK once again to City Hall – and the gifts and hospitality register for the last five months has been published. This is where Assembly members acknowledge the freebies they’ve been given as part of the job. So who got the best haul? It’s a bit of a toss-up. Check what your local assembly member got given here.

Mayor Boris Johnson, as the top boy down there, unsurprisingly has the biggest sack of goodies. His list includes:

A Vancouver Canucks Ice Hockey shirt  from the Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson

An electric guitar from Donna O’Driscoll, head at Abolsute Radio

A Canon printer and calculator from the President of Canon Europe

A cycling helmet from an unnamed Danish ambassador.

Two bike locks from Condor Cycles.

A model plane, from Andrew Harrison, chief executive at Easyjet

A helicopter trip in New York, provided by British Airways.

Not a bad little collection, although maybe Boris deep down has had enough of bike-related gifts.Remember this is only going back over the last five months. Most of the other assembly members have fewer souvenirs to take home and treasure from the official engagements. There’s the occasional gift of a framed cartoon from Martin Rowson or some glass carafes from Thames Water, but it’s mainly a meal here or there. Nothing so scandalous to rival the MP’s expenses affair that blew up earlier this year.

Nevertheless, Labour’s Nicky Gavron, who stood against Brian Coleman in the Barnet and Camden seat at the London elections, will have spent a little longer than most filling out her bit of the register. Take a look. Among other things, she received:

Air travel and accommodation for a trip to Rotterdam. (There was an economic development conference on)

Four dinners in restaurants in Brighton paid for by various group, including the London Thames Gateway Partnership.

Tickets and hospitality at the Wimbledon semi-final from Miriam Maes, CEO for Foresee Ltd, energy consultants

and the big one..

Flights and accommodation for a trip to Belo Horizonte in Brazil (for the State Of The World Forum)

Suddenly, Boris’s Canucks jacket, however hip it must make him, looks like small potatoes.

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  1. I’ve got a glass carafe from the Mayor of London. It’s lovely and has a rose in it, sitting in the middle of the dining table. Best thing Boris has done.

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