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CONSERVATIVE election candidate Chris Philp’s billboards will be coming down in a few days. They are the ones in which he claims that he saved our police stations from closure – that’s the exact same claim made by his Lib Dem rival Ed Fordham, just on leaflets rather than roadside hoardings.

The posters were a two week blast aimed at making sure just about everybody in Hampstead and Kilburn knows Philp’s face and, of course, making sure he gets the credit for apparently solving an age old row about keeping creaking, old police stations in London open. But will people remember the supersized adverts as a bold statement of intent? The method of grabbing attention certainly hasn’t been tried in these parts before. Or will voters find the billboard politics and the giant image of Chris’s head which greets them every morning in West End Lane a turn off? You decide..

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  1. Hi Richard – Not sure I like the word “claims”! Check out:

    for the photographic evidence….

    Have a good Christmas. Chris P.

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