Does Kim Cattrall ride the 29 bus?

Sex and the City

Kim Cattrall (far left) in a publicity shot with other Sex and the City cast members

HMMM… When was Kim Cattrall, Samantha of-off Sex and The City, on a bus travelling through Camden Town, as she claimed in the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine? She says she takes the bus in London because she can blend into the background, but didn’t say which number bus she had caught or where she was headed.

So, was she taking the 168, passing through Camden Town on her way to a boutique in Hampstead? Or maybe she was hanging out on the 214 single decker heading towards Highgate Village for a pint in The Flask? From her description, it sounds like the best bet would be the 29, the bendy bus which has become dreaded for its rush hour squeeze and occasional aggro among passengers. Certainly of all the buses that pass through Camden, it is the most natural habitat for ‘a rowdy drunk young man’.

Cattrall – and yes, yes I’m disappointed with myself for not needing to Google her name to find out which character she played in the Sex and the City – insists it’s better to use public transport in London than in New York.

Here’s what she told You:

“I don’t take the subway in New York because you become a target for photo opportunities, but I can get round on the London underground and the buses, much to my satisfaction.  I love it. Everyone leaves me alone. I was once on a bus going through Camden Town when the driver stopped to remove a rowdy, drunk young man. I thought that was very fine, I felt very protected.  I don’t know if that would happen in New York.”

To be honest, I’m not sure that would regularly happen in Camden Town either. Full marks to the driver in Cattrall’s example. The best way to make passengers feel safe is to take proactive action but how many times have we seen drivers simply press ahead. I saw two blokes squaring up to each other on the 29 last month all the way down Camden Road, snarling at each other across the crowds. They were swearing and screaming, even though it was half ten in the morning and young kids were on the bus. Everybody could see what was happening, wincing that it might end up in grown men biffing each other – but it was a fellow passenger not the driver who broke it all up. Surely it was time to file a code red, stop the bus and try and calm things down? I wonder what Cattrall would have made of London buses that day.

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