Muppets heartbreak x 2

KermitTHERE were two doses of shattering Muppets news over Christmas.

1. You can’t get a Kermit replica toy in London. Forget your Nintendos, every kid should have a Kermit in their childhood years. If you can get one with his ‘newsflash’ journalist uniform of trilby hat and trench coat all the better. But search Hamley’s high and lo and the Disney Store, go online in search of the perfect Christmas present and you won’t find that frog anywhere. Unless you want a chewed-up, second hand Kermit – you will be out of luck. Just think of the disappointed faces on December 25.

2. They made Muppets: Wizard Of Oz. Sometimes not knowing is better – so thanks for nothing Channel 5. Until New Year’s Day, I had no idea that the horrific film The Muppets Wizard Of Oz even existed. It never got  to cinema screens when it was released in 2005. An insult to previous Muppet films and TV series, it isn’t a patch on the classics. It’s also an insult to Oz-maker Frank L. Baum as Toto is an annoying shrimp rather than a dog. If the cast’s Muppet faces could cringe, they would cringe, cringe, cringe at themselves. Hell, they might go out on strike. Don’t watch it – and then the memories of The Muppets Take Manhattan or The Muppets Christmas Carol won’t be ruined.

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