Hacks on the doorstep..

THE packs of hacks descended on Jonathan Ross’s house in Hampstead Garden Suburb today, looking for a few extra lines to his statement announcing his departure from the BBC. Ross isn’t as witty as his salary would suggest, but it doesn’t really matter how funny you are, if you take barrow-loads of cash out of the BBC then you are always going  to find it difficult to clear your driveway of reporters and photographers.

Ross must have know a simple statement was never going to be enough. You don’t get away that easily. Here we see,  the old round of teas for the cold journalists trick doesn’t do much good either.

In this clip, the mob of reporters sound silly. There is a puzzled ‘Eh?’ from one reporter when Ross emerges with a cuppa for all. But Ross sounds silly too. What the people with the pads want is a couple of extra lines from his less than illuminating statement, not an Earl Grey. He effectively tells them nothing new before pleading with them to get off his front step.

Maybe it would have been better if Ross had stopped to chat over the tea. He could have talked it all through with the reporters. Said sorry specifically to the Daily Mail journalist for being Jonathan Ross. He would have come across far more favourably.  After all look what happened below when Andrew Sachs, the victim of Ross’s and Russell Brand’s obscene  answer phone patter, dealt with the reporters at  his door.

With this calm, measured response, everybody remembered what a nice chap he always seems, how much they loved Fawlty Towers and how much they would like to see him as Norris’s long lost brother in Coronation Street. Shame, Ross felt he couldn’t do the same.

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