The hot pink crossroads

IF they were football fans, it wouldn’t be allowed. The fixture list computer thing makes sure that supporters of teams from the same area do not play at home on the same day, so places are not bombarded with scarf waving lunatics at the same time. Yet head to corner of The Strand come 10pm at night and you will see the same strategy doesn’t apply to pink feather boa waving lunatics.

The crossroads at Kingsway was bombarded on Friday  night as fans of two essentially girls night musicals met at a collision point for make-up caked faces, goosepimply legs and expensive A3 programmes. This is where Legally Blonde’s 95 percent female audience comes zipping out of The Savoy Theatre and runs headfirst into the 95 percent female audience humming their way out of Dirty Dancing at the Aldwych. What a scene. Like the world’s biggest hen night erupting  in the street, a hot pink carnival, a flash mob of high heels  split up only by the rush of taxis to Waterloo (no doubt trains home to Basingstoke) and a general hum of ‘I thought she was very good’. It’s quite a spectacle in itself.

It was of course my duty to review Legally Blonde – The Musical on press night. The way the reviews are being handled by the PR firm I am not allowed to tell you what I thought of it until Thursday’s newspapers are printed. I don’t make the rules up. Suffice to say, it was an interesting night out, sitting there with my notepad among the five percent minority of men in the stalls – and probably among the one percent of straight men. For those blokey blokes who might find that uncomfortable, watch out your hang-ups will stop you seeing some of London’s silliest stage shows but you’ll also miss out on some of its best.

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