The last proper pub in Crouch End

Harringay ArmsPEOPLE in Crouch End love to bang on about shopping locally and fresh, organic produce and all that. This effectively means going up Crouch End Broadway and deciding which of its three chain supermarkets – Budgens, Tesco, or the one they really love, Crouch End – to use. Ridiculously, they are almost right next door to each other in a supermarket strip. Must be what they mean by its ‘villagey’ feel.

It’s the same with the pubs over. People there love the idea of drinking in traditional boozers but, when it comes down to it, anything that doesn’t have a few leather couches and a £9.99 set menu usually doesn’t last long. The only one that holds onto a bit of musty magic is the lovely Harringay Arms, hidden where the road forks off towards Finsbury Park. It’s Alarming then to see this advert – click here – and the suggestion that it’s yours for a £160,000 sale.. That area of north London has a lost a lot of lovely pubs over the last ten years. Let’s pray the Harringay Arms doesn’t get the gastro treatment.

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  1. Wonathan Joss // January 22, 2010 at 10:02 am //

    If only the Queens Hotel would destroy their ‘restaurant’ half and hire at least two more bar staff then there would be two great pubs left in Crouch End. Actually, I’ve haven’t got anything particularly bad to say about the Kings Head, so potentially there are three.

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