Twelve years

TO the drum room at Coram’s Fields on Tuesday night and a public meeting where education chief Andrew Mennear was shouted at some more for not moving quicker to open a new school in Wren Street, Bloomsbury. This is the project which parents had to kick start themselves, finding a potential site and getting architects to work out its feasibility of it all. At the rate its going, the parents may have to demolish the lock-ups down there with their own hands, build the new building and take the lessons themselves.

In the debate that unfolded about council resources, it was interesting to see a new face in the crowd. A woman near the front introduced herself as living at 49 Calthorpe Street. When it comes to council resources that address should ring-ring loud among long serving-councillors. It’s not that long ago that it was a council resource. A townhouse, which people guessed could be worth up to £750,000, it was squatted for so long that the council had to hand it over to the people who had unofficially made it their home. The rules say if you evade the council’s interest for 12 years – then it’s yours. Camden mismanaged the situation and another property slipped out of its hands.

Sad truth is, the parents in that area might be waiting 12 years themselves for the secondary school they so desperately need to come their way. Now, that would be a scandal.

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