Luciana heads to Liverpool

A BIT of a blow for Camden’s Labour Party tonight with news that Luciana Berger has been picked as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Liverpool Wavertree. Maybe that’s ‘Shadow MP for Liverpool Wavertree’ in Lib Dem speak.

With about a 5,000 majority to play with, Berger has short cut all that learn your trade on your local council stuff and will be heading straight to the House of Commons. Good for Luciana Berger, but certainly a blow for Labour in Camden.

For in Berger, they are losing one of the bright-eyed freshers who were riven with enthusiasm at September’s Labour party conference and were busy revitalising more seasoned campaigners amid the doom and gloom. She was supposed to be among the new generation of potential Labour councillors heading for the Town Hall – like Awale Olad, Georgia Gould and Tulip Siddiq – and plotting a fightback against the Lib Dems and Conservatives. The party will now have to look for someone else to stand in Somers Town and St Pancras, which in itself should be a Labour hold at May’s council elections.

Berger is, I reckon, only about 28. In that respect, there will surely be some who say that she is a careerist, in a hurry to get somewhere quick. That if she had been elected, the people of Somers Town would have only been represented by somebody distracted by where the next job opening might come from rather than a leaky pipe in Levita House.

The meanest observers might even suggest that the stepping stone of being a Labour councillor in Camden right now might be too far down the food chain for the most ambitious candidates. After all, if Labour fare badly in the boroughwide ballot in May and endure another four years in opposition, Berger would have had to work harder to get noticed.

The party locally will nevertheless be gulping. It is losing a good communicator who would have gone down with voters here in the coming months. It will be interesting to see who they draft into replace her in the campaign.


Luciana: She must win over the Labour voters first

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  1. Headed straight to the Commons? I think you’re overlooking the little matter of an election first and just how good the Liberal Democrat chances are of taking Wavertree.

  2. And there will also be an election in St Pancras and Somers Town, where the Green Party has been highly active.

  3. Natalie: even if she resigned today as a councillor, it’s within 6 months of the usual election for the seat, so there wouldn’t be a by-election.

  4. All three seats are up for grabs in May, as are all other Camden council seats. (And she isn’t now a councillor anyway – two of the three current Labour councillors are stepping down, and she was as a candidate stepping into their shoes.)

  5. Ah, sorry – misunderstood your comment.

  6. Peter Brayshaw // January 25, 2010 at 9:16 pm //

    As a St Pancras and Somerstown Labour member, I am reluctant to intrude on misunderstandings between the minor parties, but… First, the only reason this is “news” at all is that unlike all the other parties, Camden Labour interviewed for and set up its (diverse and talented) Panel of potential candidates a year ago, and selected and announced Ward candidatures before last Summer, a full year before the scheduled May 6 local elections. Given turnover ,social and geographical mobility, some were possibly moving on in that time. We will miss Luciana, and wish her well in Wavertree. But we will have no difficulty in replacing Luciana with an effective candidate, who will join our highly-regarded veteran Ward Councillor, Roger Robinson, our local longstanding community resident and activist (and Bangladeshi woman) Samata Khatoon. The three will be, I am confident, the Labour Councillors for the Ward after May 6. I concede Natalie herself is active locally since her recent arrival, but have seen no evidence of other Greens in the Ward. Traditionally the Greens have difficulty finding enough candidates . Natalie is standing for she also standing for the Council ? (cf Beatrix Campbell – Hampstead and Kilburn consituency and Bloomsbury ward). Labour, fortunately, has no shortage of good candidates.

  7. Wooooooooo… who rattled Peter’s cage?

    I’m sure no one thought Labour wouldn’t stand a third candidate.

    • Peter Brayshaw // January 26, 2010 at 12:38 am //

      Hardly an argument! See our local campaign literature, or Camden Labour

      • What? I wasn’t trying to make an argument I was simply referring to the massive screed you posted.

        I’m already aware of what Labour stand for so I don’t need to check your local literature – although what you’ll do when you’ve run out of things to privatise or bomb is anyone’s guess.

  8. Luciana Berger’s success has not been universally welcomed in Liverpool. Peter Kilfoyle MP has hit out branding her a “student politician” who lacks the experience to win the seat.

  9. Australian SAS (not) // January 26, 2010 at 10:47 pm //

    Peter’s come out with another comradely statement I see…

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