Community Care: ‘Moira Gibb 1/2 favourite to get new social college job’

Moira GibbNEWSPAPERS and magazines love their ‘runners and riders’ box-panel-breakout-sidebars bits. It gives them the chance to make up wild guesses about who’s going to get a certain job. It’s particularly prevalent when football managers get sacked and thumb-twiddling sports hacks are estimating who might take over: Next Liverpool manager: Guus Hiddink 1/2 fav, Kenny Dalglish 6-1, Ian Rush 20-1, Cilla Black 100-1… Just wait and see – you’ll see it the moment Rafa Benitez finally leaves Liverpool. There’s always the silly 100-1 at the end.

In the much more serious world of social work, Community Care magazine have picked up this tried and tested formula and place Camden Council’s chief executive Moira Gibb as the main front-runner in their runners and riders to head a new National College Of Social Work, a kind of centralised watchdog monitoring and organising the spread and performance of social workers across the country. Apparently, Moira is the 1/2 hot favourite to land such a role. A qualified social worker herself, she is after all a respected civil servant who was a quick choice to lead the investigation into care services which followed the Baby Peter tragedy in Haringey.

But wouldn’t that mean saying sayonara to Camden Council, where she has proved she can work with councillors of all political stripes? Supposed so – and here apparently lies the potential problem. The bar to her accepting such a role, according to Community Care, is that the “National college may struggle to match her salary at Camden.”

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  1. No shit Sherlock... // January 28, 2010 at 12:50 am //

    Wot the person who wot runs the review gets the job?

  2. i have been a volunteer for 2 years on social works and this is a very exciting job for me *;;

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