Another dream comes true for Robbie Keane

TRANSFER window deadline day and we are told by the soccer hacks that Spurs striker Robbie Keane is off to Celtic on loan. Apparently, he has supported Celtic since he was a boy and to pull on the green and white shirt will be a… ‘dream come true’. Of course it will be. Whoever he signs for, it always is.

Like when, he left Coventry and joined Inter Milan. After a few games, he tells reporters: “It is like a dream come true. I look all around me and there are world class players.”

Or the last time he left Spurs. After signing for Liverpool, he said: “It is absolutely fantastic, a real dream come true for me. I’ve been a Liverpool fan all my life.”

And now today. Harry Redknapp confirms he’s in talks with Celtic, telling us: “He needs to be playing and to go to Celtic is a dream come true.”

So many dreams, so little time..

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