Moving forward?

SHADOW MP Jo Shaw has been pretty dogged in her pursuit of Labour’s Holborn and St Pancras MP Frank Dobson ahead of this year’s general election (in May, yeah?). I don’t know the Lib Dem lexicon in it’s entirety – ‘Shadow MP’ was a new one on me. But I was told over the weekend that the constituency is considered by the party a ‘moving forward’ seat. Anybody care to fill me in on what that means? Does it mean they think she’s going  to win it?

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  1. But Jill Fraser got the Lib Dems 10,000 votes in the last election // February 1, 2010 at 11:05 pm //

    Interesting to see if Jo Shaw, who was suddenly parachuted in ahead of incumbent Jill Fraser after the 2005 election (where she received 10,000 votes), actually tops Fraser’s figure. If not, then it will surely be a ‘moving backwards’ seat.

    Seriously, with the addition of Highgate and Gospel Oak traditional Labour-Tory two-ways, the Lib Dems will be squeezed, although the Tory candidate isn’t too impressive this time around…

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