Who’s Bill Shankly? ‘Lucky Luciana’ should have phoned a friend

Bill Shankly

Gerry Wotsit: This guy sang Ferry Cross The Mersey

FROM afar, it looks like it’s getting messy in Liverpool, where Luciana Berger – formerly St Pancras and Somers Town council candidate – is trying to hold onto the Liverpool Wavertree constituency for Labour against a Lib Dem assault.

Party bickering over her selection reached the pages of the Mail on Sunday over the weekend where the old story of her not dating Euan Blair, the ex-red-tie-wearing-Prime-Minister’s son, resurfaced.

Straight into the thick of the campaign, she was asked who Bill Shankly was? It’s the kind of how-much-is-a-loaf-of-bread, pint of a milk question that election candidates hate. Luciana – dubbed ‘Lucky Luciana’ by the Mail On Sunday angry members in Liverpool – stumbled when questioned by the Liverpool Echo in an inspired Mersey survey.

This is how the Echo reported it:

Who performed Ferry Cross the Mersey? Answer: I’ve no idea

Who was Bill Shankly? Answer: I don’t know. On hearing who the Anfield legend was, she said: “You can’t ask a girl a football question.”

Poor Luciana. To avoid embarrassment, what she could have done is phoned a friend. Euan, for instance. I’m told he’s a big Liverpool fan and could have filled her in on the club’s illustrious history and all the good things glory-glory manager Shankly did for it. He may not have a Scouse accent but Euan apparently used to turn out in full Liverpool kit when playing soccerball during his university days.

Take a look at blogs from The Echo’s David Bartlett and Vicki Kellaway for more.

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3 Comments on Who’s Bill Shankly? ‘Lucky Luciana’ should have phoned a friend

  1. Quality journalism // February 2, 2010 at 10:12 am //

    That Mail story is just a rehash of a bunch of other (rather old) stories…well done google / wiki-journalism!

    Who cares if she went to a nightclub with Blair’s son SIX years ago? That has zero bearing on getting a seat SIX years later, by I understand a margin of 2:1 – which in anyones books is a clean win.

  2. Peter Brayshaw // February 4, 2010 at 1:34 am //

    In St Pancras and Somerstown we are sorry to lose Luciana and whilst wishing her the best amidst much (unjustified) criticism.

    I am verypleased to announce that last night I was selected, from a srong field, as the third Labour candidate for St Pancras and Somers Town.

    I l;ive in, and am a community activist in the Ward. I have a long track record as a Councillor for Bloomsbury ( where I lived before moving to St Pancras and Somerst Town).

    I am confident the voters in the Ward, many of whom I have met at street stalls or on the doorstep, will support me.

    – Peter Brayshaw

  3. cllrjonathansimpson // February 4, 2010 at 9:51 am //

    Congratulations to Peter. He’ll be an excellent representative for residents in the area.

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