Don’t miss a word

HOW do you fancy trying this for size: Live blogging from council meetings? There’s news today that the Manchester Evening News are running with it, firing off minute by minute facts from the thrilling theatre of local government. Who says reporting on local authorities and holding them to account is dead?

Camden is one of the few places in the country where local  journalists can still be seen at the Town Hall, but it still might be a while until such a quickfire reporting service is in place. It will be interesting to see what interest the MEN get from their live blog. Any attempt to make people feel they are involved in the process must be welcome. You just wonder how many people will steer themselves away from Coronation Street to see a line by line live report of councillors trading insults policy suggestions?

If you can’t wait for live blogging from Camden HQ,  a fractured picture of what’s going on at Judd Street can occasionally be put together from the messages sent by tweeting councillors, armed with council-funded mobile phones hidden under their desks. A bit of fun – our tech-savvy politicians may nevertheless want to have a look at the live tweets sent from council meetings in Cornwall which have stirred up disgust.

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