Election flashback: Rebels rewarded (2005)

AFTER all the talking, Camden kept onto it’s Labour MPs in May 2005, while other areas of London and the rest of the country were dumping theirs. Frank Dobson and Glenda Jackson apparently fended off the opposition because they had publicly stood up to Tony Blair over the Iraq War and other unpopular policies.

Both MPs saw significant cuts to their majority however, and the Lib Dems claimed the gains they had made that night put them in line to takeover the Town Hall in 2006. They weren’t far wrong on that score, but the aim of winning parliamentary seats in Hampstead and Highgate (now Kilburn) and Holborn and St Pancras still remains unresolved  on the things-to-do the list.

From five years ago, Ed Fordham is still in place for the Lib Dems but Piers Wauchope, the Conservative candidate back then has moved on. He lost his seat at Camden Council in 2006. In the south of the borough, Conservative contender Margot James looks headed to the House of Commons this time around in a new constituency: Stourbridge. You see her popping up on Question Time every now and then, and is regarded as an important performer for the Tories.

The Lib Dem candidate, Jill Fraser, who probably did the most to scare Frank Dobson since he was first took up this Parliamentarian lark, is not on the paper this year. The Lib Dems will tell you it was all very friendly when they picked the candidates and chose Jo Shaw instead…that’s the story and they’re sticking to it.

Here’s some pics from Camden Centre on the night Frank and Glenda checked in for another five years. 1. ‘I’ll get you next time’? Ed Fordham shakes on it with Glenda Jackson  2. Harriet Garland, who died two weeks ago, does the honours; as Mayor of Camden she read out the results 3. Frank Dobson and Margot James looking at something 4. Jill Fraser got 10,000 votes and described it as her ‘Oscar moment’ 5. Piers Wauchope and wife put on a brave face while Russell Eagling, now  a councillor, tries to duck the camera 6. Spotting typos, waiting for the results in the bar.

Ed Fordham with Glenda JacksonHarriet reads out resultsFrank Dobson, Margot JamesJill FraserPiers WauchopeRichard Osley

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