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BACK to the betting on the General Election and the grand central for Conservative blogging, ConservativeHome, has twigged that Ladbrokes is listing the Lib Dems as favourites for the Hampstead and Kilburn seat. We’ve been here before – but if you look at the comments from the Tories who have already checked out ConservativeHome’s round-up, a few would rather this hadn’t been broadcast so loudly.

“The idea that the Lib Dems can win Hampstead and Kilburn is ridiculous. Hasn’t whomever prepared this list seen the polling results for the 2008 mayoral elections? Tories won on the party list vote and Chris Philp is fighting strong. The Lib-Dems will end up third,” writes one unnamed Conservative. Jonny Ball, who has experience of the Conservatives’ office in Hampstead, adds: “Go Hampstead and Kilburn! A really great team of hard-working campaigners who have an energetic and local candidate in Chris Philp. Look forward to a celebraTORY pint on the Garden Gate!”

Now, nobody wants to promote gambling, but surely these confident Conservatives should head straight to their nearest bookies, throw down a few quid and if they’re right they will have more money to spend on that round of milk stouts.

(NB: I don’t know what a milk stout is either, but I heard someone order one in the Rovers Return the other day and they sound mighty tasty)

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  1. Robin Young // February 9, 2010 at 11:12 pm //

    Mackeson is a milk stout. Don’t know about the Garden Gate but you can buy it in cans in my local Sainsbury’s. I use it for cooking oxtal or beef carbonade (decadent lib Dem type cookery).

    • Chri Knight // April 11, 2010 at 11:51 am //

      Lib Dem Eco Chumps world would go into a flat spin if he thought that Richard Osley was aiding the promotion of beef eating after all according to him its the farting cows that are killing us with their backend methane!

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