Coffee house politics

RUMBLED. I can exclusively reveal the not-so-secret location that Camden’s Liberal Democrats have turned into their new election war room: Costa Coffee in West End Lane. I only popped in for a coffee this morning and by chance spotted the top brass out in force: Keith Moffitt, Ed Fordham, Jo Shaw, Janet Grauberg, Ralph Scott, the gang was all there. I was gagging to know what they were discussing, but it looked like I had intruded a little too late.

But the Lib Dems should be warned: coffee shops have ears. As I left with my coconut latte warming my hands, who stepped in from the cold? Former Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone, who passed by with a muffled hello from behind a scarf. I wonder if he stopped for a chat with the Lib Dems inside. Maybe they discussed the giant of billboard of Conservative Chris Philp just a few yards away.

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  1. Albert Shanker // February 12, 2010 at 8:14 am //

    Tut, tut thought those Lib Dems would be using a local coffee shop rather than a chain-store given their leaflets on protecting the diversity of our local high street shops.


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