Bea doubles up

TALKING off people saying so-and-so can’t win here in the last post. Nobody has bothered to say on their election leaflets in Hampstead and Kilburn: The Greens can’t win here. Lagging behind even bringing in a big name like Beatrix Campbell, a formidable writer and campaigner, hasn’t led to too many sleepless nights for the front three.

A cynic might wonder whether Campbell herself has sent out her  ‘I can’t win here’ message. She is now open about standing for a council seat in Bloomsbury, as well as the parliamentary seat in Hampstead and Kilburn. The two voting areas don’t even overlap. Surely if she genuinely believed she could unseat Glenda, she wouldn’t want to be distracted by local campaigns south of the Euston Road?

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  1. We’re very pleased to be offering the voters of Hampstead and Kilburn an outstanding candidate to vote for in the parliamentary election, and we think having such a candidate will increase the Green vote. But the Green Party doesn’t go in for unrealistic claims about the outcomes of elections, so we acknowledge the reality of the seat.

    We think Bea has a great deal to offer voters, so we’re delighted to have her standing for council in Bloomsbury, an area with a strong tradition of independent thinking and social innovation. Her stature will be a boost to what is already a high-profile campaign in the area, where there has been a consistent Green presence since the last council election.

    And it is part of a strong Green push in the south of the borough, of which I am sure voters in St Pancras and Somers Town, King’s Cross, and Holborn and Covent Garden are already well aware.

    Natalie Bennett
    Green Party candidate, Holborn and St Pancras

  2. Albert Shanker // February 15, 2010 at 2:45 am //

    What a crackers tactic from the Greens. Put the question the other way around, if she genuinely wanted to represent Bloomsbury (presumably running there to pick up student votes) why on earth is she standing in Hampstead.

    The Greens have form on this, in the last election they had candidates standing simultaneously in different boroughs.

    Such a candidate probably leached some votes from a Labour candidate in Bloomsbury – 2 in fact – which is the majority of the Conservative who was voted in.

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