Squatted? Labour Party’s former HQ

THIS must be a sad sight for anybody in the Labour Party who remembers when they used to run the show in Camden. The offices on the corner of Camden Road and Bayham Street in Camden Town used to have proud pictures of Frank Dobson and red and yellow banners decorating the outside wall. Now, the building  appears to be run-down and squatted, windows covered by leftover newspapers.

It wasn’t long after Labour’s defeat at the council elections in 2006 that the party quit the HQ that had served them well over the years. That corner now gets messier by the day. With more councillors in Camden Town than anyone else, I wonder if the Lib Dems ever considered moving in and breathing new life to that corner, before choosing to set up a base elsewhere in NW1 last year. That would have been too much to stomach for Labour supporters.

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