James Purnell: Back on the frontline..

James Purnell in Islington

Revealed: Purnell in Islington

YOU quit the cabinet. You tell Gordon Brown that his leadership is more likely to path the way for a Conservative government. You quit Parliament. You say you want out of ‘front line politics’ just as the Tories are closing in

So what do you do next?

Answer: Start knocking on doors of course. Just two days after announcing he will not seek re-election to the Commons, former work and pensions minister and culture minister James Purnellthe one I saw some normally sensible women swooning and blushing over like contestants on Take Me Out at the party conference in Brighton – was out in his old Islington haunts campaigning with Jessica Asato and the other Labour candidates in St George’s ward this morning. There’s a picture to prove it.

A thousand cynics will say otherwise but maybe he actually meant it when he said he was going back to the grass roots. The party’s local blog shows him backing on the Save Our Whittington campaign. The Tribune and the New Journal has had a major stake in that, so all support welcome. Will we see you on the march from Highbury Fields next week, James?

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