Ken: ‘Who wants to be Frank Dobson the Second?’

WITH confidence that will irritate some of his old Camden comrades, Ken Livingstone apparently told Varsity, the long-running student newspaper at Cambridge University, this week that getting his name on the Labour ticket for the 2012 Mayoral elections shouldn’t be as hard as the unseemly scrap which developed ten years ago.

As Ken recalls with irritation of his own, Tony Blair simply didn’t want him as the party’s Mayoral candidate and thrust Frank Dobson, his former Health Secretary, into the hunt. The results were messy and Ken, of course, was the eventual winner in the battle for City Hall.

When student Dominic Self asked him about whether there might be a repeat of the shenanigans that saw him break away from the Labour Party in 2000, Ken reportedly answered: “The problem isn’t going to arise. Who wants to be Frank Dobson the second?”

Even in jest, that’s an old sore many around Holborn and St Pancras would rather not return to.

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