Is the champ standing?

WE can’t stand the tension: is energetic Lib Dem councillor Alexis Rowell, Camden Council’s uncompromising ‘Eco Champion’ seeking re-election or not? Half of Camden councillors say he is, half say he isn’t. Yesterday he himself was telling people he is still undecided. The wait is unbearable. The Town Hall wouldn’t be the same without him.

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  1. Theo Blackwell // February 25, 2010 at 2:31 pm //

    “The Town Hall wouldn’t be the same without him.”

    Granted he makes some good copy for journos but he hasn’t turned up for the last 3 council meetings though and people complain that his “all party” sustainability taskforce is too dictatorial…

    Although Full council meetings have their real faults, they are noonetheless statutory meetings, and there should be a consensus on green issues rather than it being seen as the responsibility or one person (or party).

  2. This would be a real blow for the Lib Dems if he doesn’t stand because, Theo aside, Alexis has a very good reputation among the other parties. Alexis’ green credentials are a real credit to him, even if, or perhaps because, they don’t always square with the Lib Dem priorities.

  3. Theo – if you look backwards into your crystal ball you’ll see that I was in fact at the 14 Sep Full Council meeting where we passed a motion to get Camden to join the 10:10 Campaign, a rare example of a Full Council meeting doing something useful in my opinion. I was on holiday during the 2 Nov Full Council meeting which presumably is just about acceptable to the Dark Lord. And I had a Transition Belsize clash on the evening of the 18 Jan council. You will notice that I’ve tabled a question about getting Camden to commit to reducing its emissions by 40% by 2020 at the next and final full council meeting on Monday and I will be there to ask that question.

    Politics is about changing things, Theo, not about whinging and whining from the sidelines. Try asking some of the many Camden residents who regularly attend Sustainability Task Force meetings if they find it dictatorial. I think you might find that they don’t. But then how would you know? In four years you have never been to a Task Force meeting.

    If only you’d put just a little bit of your negative energy into the green agenda since 2006 , we could have done so much more.

    Jim – thanks for your kind words. I have tried to stay above party politics as much as possible but with someone like Theo it can be hard to raise yourself out of the mud.

  4. Theo Blackwell // February 25, 2010 at 6:35 pm //

    Thanks Jim, Alexis has marmite factor so it’s a question of taste.

    Lol Alexis, you don’t stay ‘above party politics’ re-read your own blog mate! Come on!

    However, to be fair Alexis, well done on 10:10 – you got councils and the press interested, but I note that the council spend on it this year involves only an extra £30k above what it would have done on sustainability projects, which other projects fell by the wayside can I ask?

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