An invite to the main stage

DAVID Cameron’s just finished his Spring conference speech in Brighton, delivered as we were repeatedly told by his party press people without notes. This crude freeze-frame from the Sky News coverage shows how he gathered the big names in the Conservative Party, their familiar faces to sit behind him as he made another pitch for Number 10.

See. There’s George Osborne (Shadow Chancellor) and William Hague (Shadow Foreign Secretary). If Caroline Spelman (Shadow Local Govt Secretary) and Grant Shapps (Shadow Housing Minister) craned their necks a bit more on the left hand side, then you could pick them out too. Bang right behind DC is Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (Shadow Community Cohesion Minister), she of pointy eyebrow and tackling-the-BNP-on-QuestionTime fame. With a steely stare – or maybe an itchy nose – she actually looks horrified here as to what she’s hearing. Hey, I admitted at the start, it’s a crude freeze frame.

But look who else has bagged a prime position behind the potential prime minister. That’s right (* exaggerated blink, rubs eyes, blink again *) it’s George Lee, an unlikely outsider standing against Labour’s Frank Dobson in Holborn and St Pancras. The Tories must know that his chances of becoming an MP this year are slim – he won’t be in Cameron’s first cabinet if the Tories win. So how did he scoop a slot on the main stage and in a chair where the cameras couldn’t miss him?

Chris Philp, who has a far better chance of getting elected for the Tories in Hampstead and Kilburn, must be green with envy. Where was his invitation to the main stage?

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  1. Chris Philp was meeting a lot of voters in Christchurch Hill and Willoughby Rd in Hampstead Village at the time and finding a lot of support…

  2. General Robin Hood // March 1, 2010 at 12:02 am //

    George Lee’s thinking, ‘hmm. How do I persuade DC to introduce Chinese-style executions to the UK when he becomes PM? Crikey, this guy is a bit of a softie; maybe I should have backed David Davis.’

  3. Clr. Theo Blackwell (Lab) // March 1, 2010 at 5:50 pm //

    Funny that if you did a 360 on the audience, you would perhaps not find as much doversity as the platform suggests! What could Tpory spin doctors be doing here?


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