Tamsin: The first weekend

TAMSIN Omond’s big arrival in the Hampstead and Kilburn election race has yet to make the big splash in the newspapers. The Evening Standard gave her a large picture and story on Thursday but her candidature hasn’t tickled any national newsrooms… yet. News editors must still be weighing up whether she is a big story or a time-waster with little chance of winning the seat.

In her first few days as a PPC, Tamsin had to spend her time answering questions from Green Party members rather than journalists. She has found herself having to reassure them that she is not really trying to draw votes away from Green Party candidate Bea Campbell. Apparently, it’s the people who don’t vote, she’s trying to engage with, yeah, not people who already vote Green. Right. Got it.

This offbeat (nothing wrong with offbeat per se)  approach was confused further when she asked her Twitter followers whether they wanted her to spend her Saturday on the Save The Whittington Hospital march or canvassing in Brighton for Caroline Lucas. That’ll be the Green Party leader and MEP.

While she says she wants to be galvanising a united army to take on the political system head on, she appears to have antagonised people who might have been expected to ally with an ‘Eco-Suffragette’. And as she plumped for the march and protest for the Whit yesterday afternoon, a hacked off Wikipedia editor (that sounds ground but anybody can edit Wikipedia) was somewhere else tapping ”posh’ and ‘chronic show off” into her entry. The changes were removed by one of the encyclopedia site’s volunteer vandalism-spotters earlier today, but you can see the mischief below.


Although anybody can edit Wikipedia, you can see the number of the computer what done it. Search for the location of that computer and it’s not in Hampstead and Kilburn, but somewhere near Glasgow. Maybe she’s not just a news story in north London.

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