Same story, second serve

Theo Blackwell and Nash AliSOMEBODY must be reading this. As just days after my post about the importance of ping pong in getting elected, Camden Labour councillors Theo Blackwell and Nash Ali sniffed out a press lens and rushed to the table tennis table. Here they are, snapped at the Samuel Lythgow youth club in Regent’s Park ward on Saturday. The centre has just had a wonderful £1.1 million refurbishment

But it’s not just the local politicians who have caught on to the ping pong must-do, the Evening Standard published a feature last night on how table tennis is the new MANIA to hit London. They’ve had a table in the Old Eagle pub, Camden Town, for many months, maybe more than a year now – so perhaps it’s not as hot hip on the streets as they say.

But presumably, the Standard needed a playful story to brighten up their pages in an edition which devoted the first five pages to how living in Islington can be awful. That’s if you are one of the lots of people who don’t have a nice house near Highbury Fields.

As the paper eagerly pointed out, this deprived, polarised borough was where Gordon Brown and Tony Blair had a meal once. [NB: You did not digest the piece properly if you didn’t fill a thought bubble with these words: How could they scoff nice food and carve up the future of the country when there was a council estate close by? And I bet they had starters and a pudding.]

The Standard has serious. important subject matter here that needs investigating, well-researched aching testimony which is boldy presented. The sharp concern should be that a cycle of poverty never seems to get punctured, whoever is in power in London’s town halls and at Westminster… but did we need to hear that Granita tale  again.

It’s obvious what should have happened that fateful night on Upper Street anyhow. The PM and the ex-PM should have just sorted out their differences in the only way a politician now knows how: an all-or-nothing table tennis duel. Either way, judging by the photos of Brown’s backhand, Blair would no doubt have won the chance to hog power regardless

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  1. Theo Blackwell // March 2, 2010 at 2:14 pm //

    We were actually up for a game, as described, Lib dem Cllr. Grauberg had been invited to the Samuel Lithgow to give a speech but she didn’t show –

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