THERE’S intrigue at Camden Town Hall around a puzzling whodunnit whogotit? A mystery employee leaving the council’s workforce scored a £320,000 golden goodbye. But who was it? Although it’s tax-payers money that footed the bill – we’re not allowed to know.

The council line is: “The public interest in withholding this information outweighs the public interest in disclosing it. Disclosure would be an unfair and unwarranted interference in the individual’s privacy.”

The guessing game hasn’t got hundreds of possible candidates to choose from (it must have been someone already earning a six figure salary), but shouldn’t the council spare itself the gossiping and just be open and transparent about where such a large heap of public money has gone? The debate over chief officer pay is unlikely to fade away until a more accountable system is introduced.

And if there’s nothing embarrassing to hide…

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