Whogotit: case closed?

LABOUR deputy leader Councillor Jonathan Simpson has had a hopeful punt at trying to find out for us all the answer to that burning question: Who got a big golden goodbye from Camden Council in the region of £320,000? He questioned why the press office had refused to release details when the Evening Standard came calling about it last month. In reply, Lib Dem council leader Councillor Keith Moffitt was prettty firm that the solution to the Town Hall’s whogotit mystery should remain under wraps.

“The need to strike a balance between legitimate public interest and the right to privacy has been the subject of debate at a national level with the government moving away from its initial proposals for widespread disclosure of senior salaries,” said Cllr Moffitt. The longer exchange is found in written papers connected to the meeting, as delays to the budget debate meant there was no time to discuss the matter in open session. If there had been, it would have been interesting to see if Cllr Simpson had taken up the standard opportunity to ask a supplementary question. The debate is still there to be had: if top salaries are paid with public cash should the figures be protected by privacy rules. And if the pay is fair and reasonable, what has anybody got to hide?

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  1. Kim Janssen // March 5, 2010 at 8:00 am //

    Incredible that this is still a subject for debate in the UK. Even a Chicago politician couldn’t get away with bullshit this brazen.

    Check this out:


    You can find out the salary and benefits of almost any public employee in the US within minutes.

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