A well known Liberal Democrat councillor quits Town Hall

STOP the presses. The local newspapers in north London had a mind-blowing scoop this week: A Liberal Democrat with a keen interest in the environment and capable of ruffling feathers among his colleagues has announced he is not seeking re-election.

Hmmm. Who could that be? That’s right Alexis R… Andrew Cornwell is literally on his bike.

Cornwell, the Lib Dem councillor who snapped the party’s wafer thin majority on Islington Council by voting with the opposition on the last budget,  says on page 8 of today’s Islington Tribune: “It was a unique situation. I’ve taken advantage of that and pushed forward certain policies but I’ve only been motivated by my love for the place and wanting to improve the borough.”

A one time Green Party opponent to Glenda Jackson in Hampstead and Highagte, he joined the Lib Dems and represented St George’s, a key ward in the Lib Dem/Labour power struggle in the borough elections this year.

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