Huge and less huge

Foot clipping

FEAR not Holly Shaw in Brixton, your letter did get in the Sunday Mirror after all. Rest assured, the world has seen your written celebration of Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss. What a fine subject to write to a national newspaper about.

I only flag it up as Holly herself may have missed it in today’s issue, after all it was filed in a sectioned off column titled ‘Man Of Huge Integrity’ – not ‘Woman Of Not So Huge Waistline’.

In a bizarre mismatch, one minute reader Richard Jenkins is warmly paying tribute to Michael Foot in the letters section, the next it’s all about the slimmed down Osbourne. What an extraordinary key change.

More care was taken at The Mirror’s HQ in the week. Of all the newspapers, it paid the fondest respects to Foot. It’s coverage has risen above the unimaginative intros about ‘longest suicide notes’ and ‘worst election defeats’ and above the undiluted anger of the Daily Mail. Did you see Spurs supporting columnist Richard Littlejohn’s written equivalent of a merry jig? There’s an unhealthy rage there that has festered for decades. Foot would have no doubt defended Littlejohn’s freedom to write it… but still.

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