Camden Market is a ‘giant lavatory’

COR! Laura Craik, the Evening Standard‘s sharp columnist and fashion writer, doesn’t hold back about her feelings about Camden Market, does she?

Writing bout her love of Portobello Market on Thursday, she could hardly find a single warm word for Camden’s stalls – and there’s a little jab at the council as well.

She wrote: “I feel far less sentimental about Camden Market than I do about Portobello. But that’s probably because Camden Market is a lost cause; a quirky cultural mish-mash turned into a giant lavatory, polluted by the twin blights of drug dealers and a council that thought it would be a good idea to replace Stables Market with a monstrous glass and steel structure that has as much character as a Big Mac. Maybe Camden’s residents didn’t protest strongly enough: more likely, Camden council didn’t listen.”

But then, Laura has form. In 2007, she choked at the idea that Camden Town might be spruced up with a ‘Walk of Fame’, a line of paving slabs celebrating the area’s musical heritage a la Hollywood Boulevard. The plan is still in the pipeline, even if it has taken than longer than hoped to come to fruition.

“Camden Lock is more of a walk of shame than walk of fame,” she said at the time.

Now there’s a columnist who knows what she thinks, and she clearly thinks Camden Town is a load of …

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