Was Tamsin asked to stand for the Greens in Holborn and St Pancras?

WEST Hampstead has a top blogger and Twitter expert who you can follow at @whampstead. It’s a good week to take a look at his work right now, as he has posted an interesting interview with Hampstead and Kilburn’s independent election candidate Tamsin Omond.

She gets the chance to set out her stall again as the punky, eco-caring alternative to staid old politicians and renews her pledges to get MPs doing community service one day a week. She also wants them voting as if she whipped by constituents rather than party disciplinarians.

But @whampstead also presses her on the subject that must be bugging some of her supporters: the prospect of her splitting the left wing and Green vote. After all, Green Party candidate Beatrix Campbell is supposed to be offering a formidable fight in the constituency against Glenda Jackson (Lab), Ed Fordham (Lib Dem) and Chris Philp (Con). Why water down her strength when you’ve made a name for yourself as an ‘eco-Suffragette’? (She climbed the Houses of Parliament to protest at airport expansion)

In Omond’s answers there is a whiff of bad blood with Campbell or at least some of the Green Party members locally. While she rarely misses a chance to praise the party’s overall leader Caroline Lucas, Omond says in the interview that she has never met Campbell, despite her high profile as a journalist and campaigner.

And check out this section from www.westhampsteadlife.blogspot.com, it’s not what you would call a glowing reference for Campbell’s efforts:

“Tamsin says: “There isn’t much positive to vote for with Glenda, and with the Greens – I haven’t met this woman [she never once refers to Beatrix Campbell by name], but she’s essentially a paper candidate. When she does go to hustings she’s really smart, but she doesn’t do any day-to-day campaigning.”

Strong words from someone who also seems keen not to antagonise the Green Party. There were apparently informal discussions with Green MEP and party leader Caroline Lucas over the possibility of Tamsin running in Holborn & St Pancras on the Green ticket.”

A little local exclusive from a switched on blogger, this is the first time there has been any suggestion that Omond was in line to stand for the Greens.

The job of trying  to make gains in Holborn and St Pancras for the party has now fallen to Natalie Bennett, another experienced journalist committed to the cause. As far as I had been aware before this, she had always been the preferred choice to stare down Frank.

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  1. I was going to leave a comment about this on the original but for some reason wordpress wouldn’t let me… oh well…

    The thing I was going to say is that whether or not Tamsin had discussions with Caroline Lucas about standing, Lucas has no power to offer any seat to anyone, she could only encourage someone to join the party and put their name forward. It’s the members of the Party who live in the area who make the decision and it was not likely that they would choose anyone except Natalie for this particular job.

    It *was* a hotly fought and contested democratic selection process and if Tamsin had wanted to be the Green candidate (which I don’t think she did) she would have had to take part in that and accept its decision if she lost.

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