Thought for the day

CLEVER clogs journalist, broadcaster and all round good egg Jonathan Fryer is in the latest press of the ¬†Liberal Democrat News, the party’s weekly newspaper, urging candidates to get Twitter. Good enough for Obama, good enough for is the familiar line.

Fryer might have ended up a Camden councillor in 2006 after missing out in the split ward of Hampstead Town ward during the local elections. Fast forward four years and he’s the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate in Poplar and Limehouse where he will be in among a likely dust-up between in Jim Fitzpatrick and George Galloway in east London.

In his article for LDN, Fryer warns: “The explosion in use of Facebook, followed by Twitter taking flight, has radically transformed the nature of political campaigning and any candidate for public office who ignores it is doing so at his or her peril.”

He’s a perceptive guy and if he’s right about this one, Camden’s MPs Glenda Jackson and Frank Dobson, yet to be seduced by the merits of Twitter, better get to computer studies night school. A non-tweeting peril awaits.

Followers of Fryer meanwhile can enjoy 140 character dispatches from his many adventures to the world’s most remote universities¬†(he’s always oarring his way down the Suez canal or something like that) and that intriguing election showdown in east London.

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