Billy Fury Way

Billy Fury Way

WEST Hampstead has three new street names: Potteries Path, the Black Path.. and – wait for the big rock ‘n’ roll one – Billy Fury Way. The idea of christening these alleys is to make it easier for police to pinpoint location of crimes, but whoever suggested one to be named after Billy must have had in their minds some kind of tribute as well. Decca Records had studios nearby where Fury cut his top charting tunes. But was this the best way to mark musical history? With this alley’s no dumping sign, smudgy walls and uneven paving slabs, his mother would have been so proud.

Fury fans might want to save themselves a pilgrimage and head to the sculpture of him on the Albert Docks in Liverpool instead.

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  1. Moya. T.B.F.F.C. // March 20, 2010 at 2:52 am //

    Billy’s Mother is still alive and I have yet to ask her what she thinks of this. My opinion is that, although it is great to have Billy remembered…it’s hardly a luvly location..a dirty back alley! I’m embarrassed!

    • We don’t do dirty back alleys in West Hampstead he looks great as you come out of the station, most people don’t remember who he is anyway so at least he’s getting a bit of an airing seemed like a lovely chap with a gorgeous face…I’m sure his mum would be qujite happy if she saw it…

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