The last supper

IN the final year of the Liberal Democrat and Conservative coalition in Camden, you might have expected lots of spats and disagreements as dirty laundry was aired in the press and cracks appeared in the rush for votes. There’s been the occasional flare-up, the harder Conservative backbenchers have agitated for their party’s leadership to be tougher with the Lib Dems, but group leaders Keith Moffitt and Andrew Marshall have more or less kept the partnership in tact.

In fact, they get on so well I hear the top table ten who run Camden’s cabinet will sit down to a farewell meal together after Wednesday night’s final executive meeting. As they toast teamwork, how many will wonder whether the two parties will bind together again on the other side of the elections? It will be interesting to see the contrasts in the two groups’ much-anticipated manifestos.

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  1. Clr. Theo Blackwell (Lab) // March 24, 2010 at 9:52 pm //

    But I doubt their backbenchers are drinking in the same pub!

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