Kermit and Gonzo: Voting Glenda?

WE all know Hampstead and Highgate MP Glenda Jackson used to be an actress.. but it doesn’t do us any harm to remind ourselves every now and again of the gusto and relish she used to throw into that former life. They say she hasn’t been energetic enough in her local campaigning recently, but look at her go in this classic clip… could she still send Chris Philp and Ed Fordham to walk the plank?

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  1. Someone give that woman another Oscar!

  2. cllr. theo blackwell // March 27, 2010 at 2:11 am //

    I asked Glenda about this at the manifesto launch. Apparently she’s the only guest to have attacked the Muppets ever.

    Apt tidings for the battle against Chris Philp and Lib Dem Ed Fordham (in particular).

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