Face to face with the next Prime Minister?

David Cameron at Saga eventYOU know all this already – but oh my days (as the kids say on the top deck of the 253 bus) tonight was a timely eye-opener for me… Dave is much slicker than I realised.

My first time in the same room as David Cameron was a lesson in quick-talking political PR. No wonder Labour, unfairly or not, cast him as a salesman. With a note perfect routine, he clearly left the lecture hall at the Wellcome Institute in Euston enchanted as he took unseen questions from Saga readers, and what seemed like a few starstruck party members as well.

And although polls show a narrowing and a Tory lead apparently drifting, there was a rhythm with Cameron tonight, a gathering of pace to it all, which should still deeply worry Labour’s campaign team. He despatched questions  like a tennis player having gimmes lobbed up to him in the warm-up. Some of them were gimmes, but, still, he smashed them away.

His energy, whether Labour think voters will see it as bluster or a breath of fresh air, has to be matched in some way if Brown is to survive.

It’s true Cameron bounced away questions that he had no answers to tonight, like where crucial budget cuts will slice in a Tory government’s first year. But here is a man who has swallowed the media training manual, capable of wheeling away from trouble and dancing back onto the front foot in a blink. He doesn’t forget his lines and his mind is clearly bubbling with possible lines of attack. He knows how to quickly douse the fire. We didn’t hear too many new policies, but here was a powerful reminder of how the masters of appearance and presentation often get the best positions on the starting grid.

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  1. Chri Knight // March 28, 2010 at 5:38 pm //

    ” Thats the first time I have seen Cameron live said Richerd Osley he is brilliant” I of course agreed! I am also to long in the tooth to be starstuck but David is the real deal (not like Dickinson) and is just what the nation needs refreshing,honest and a natural leader. Gordon Brown on the other hand looks and sounds tired is he just hanging on for another months pay for him and a the few of his cronies who will be left I ask myself?
    Personally I think the lib Dems elected the wrong man as leader Nick Clegg looks like the boy sent to to a mans job with hindsight Vince Cable should have been their man.
    Well that said we can all look forward to the election when the voters will reveal all.
    Chris K

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