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I THINK in the modern parlance of Twitter this might be called something like #toryfail, a minor error unnecessarily amplified in the run up to the elections.

Perhaps anxious to show how much they care about Hampstead Town ward – a neighbourhood which will see Conservative and Liberal Democrats do battle in council voting on May 6 – sitting councillors Chris Knight and Kirsty Roberts delivered leaflets door-to-door showing their fighting spirit against a divisive planning application in Worsley Court this morning.

“We shall be writing to object to these proposals,” they say in the circular addressed to residents of Willow Road and Pilgrim’s Road.

Pilgrim’s Road? There hasn’t been a Pilgrim’s Road around here for, why, 50 years… I think you will find, Monsieur Knight, the road you wanted there was Pilgrim’s Lane. A small point, but one that hasn’t gone unnoticed in the street.

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  1. Chri Knight // March 31, 2010 at 12:22 pm //

    How right (or shuld I say left) you are!
    Sorry about the typo but many of those who have received it have called and emailed to thank us for the notification and our support after all we lead the objection to last application and suceeded.
    Hampstead Conservatives are not just for elections but have served the local community solidly for the last four years with both energy and vision, watch this space I send you a pdf of some of our next literature.
    Many thanks for the free advertising Richard
    Chris Knight

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