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Ed Fordham

HAMPSTEAD and Kilburn parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats Ed Fordham says in today’s Camden New Journal that a lot of his election kitty comes from “cake stalls”. There must have been a rush on the Victoria sponge (or was it Flick’s famous Port Wine Jelly) to pay for his billboards…

But however they are funded, his Conservative rivals think they have spotted a blunder on the billboard bigger than ‘Cantalose‘ or ‘Pilgrim’s Road‘. The hoarding shouts ‘Brent needs hard-working MPs’… from a hand-picked location in Camden.

Not Brent.

The shot above, sent this way by Tory spies, was taken in West End Lane. West Hampstead. Camden. The poster was taken down earlier this week, presumably because not enough Battenbergs were sold at the last Lib Dem jamboree.

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  1. wakawaka // April 1, 2010 at 2:13 pm //

    That looks like West Hampstead station, the Undergroud station is the only one serving that part of Brent, as a result many people in Brent use it… Kilbrun ward/Brondesbury Park Ward on the Brent side, starts just the Kilbrun High Road/Iverson Rd.

    Seems reasonable to me

    Do the Tories not know this area?

    • Nice try.

      Even the Tories know that West Hampstead is clearly in Camden (although they’re only recent converts to visiting the area). Apart from a very small stretch of the ward boundary which is on the KHR, it is mostly at least one ward away from Brent.

      This poster is next door to West Hampstead Overground station; rather than opposite WH tube where there is a porminent billboard site. Brondesbury and (to a lesser extent Brondesbury Park) Overground stations are in Brent and serve the Brent parts of Kilburn, as does Kilburn Park and (again, to a lesser extent) Kilburn tube.

      So this is just an embarassing c*ck-up by the ‘oh-so local’ Lib Dems. If he does live in Kilburn and love it, I hope he doesn’t have trouble finding it!

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